Vallet Packing House 

Vallet Packing House is a family-owned and operated, state-inspected facility that provides meat to our community. Local beef can be purchased directly from our experienced butcher, any day and in any quantity. We also provide processing services to local producers for cattle, swine, sheep, and goats.

Our facility was originally built as a meat market in the 1950s. We purchased it in 2020 and spent over a year renovating it and updating it to better serve today's customers.



Buying Beef Directly from the Butcher

If you want healthy, delicious, local beef - in any quantity - purchased directly from the butcher Vallet Packing House can fill that need.

The majority of our beef comes from finished cattle, meaning they are fattened on grains, resulting in substantial amounts of marbling and a savory flavor. However, we can also purchase grass-finished cattle at the customers' request. Furthermore, we only purchase the highest quality cattle, from within a two-hour radius, resulting in all local beef that grades choice or prime. Stop by our meat market any time to purchase or call us to inquire about large orders!


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Meat Market

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Processing for Producers

Vallet Packing House processes animals for producers Monday through Wednesday in the only state-inspected facility in the tri-county area. We process cattle, swine, goats, and sheep on an individual or group basis.

Currently, we are reserving slots two to four weeks in advance. Whether your customers want to purchase quarters or halves of an animal, or you want to sell individual, retail cuts we can help you achieve your goals. We provide a cut sheet as a foundation, but customers can customize it to fit their needs. Contact us to schedule a processing appointment today.


Vallet Packing House

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