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Vallet Packing House is a family-owned and operated, state-inspected facility that processes cattle, swine, sheep, and goats in Edna, Texas. Jason, a welder and fifth-generation rancher, and Stephanie, a former teacher, have always aimed to provide a packing house to their rural community. This dream became a reality in July of 2020 when the Vallets bought an old meat market from the 1950s and spent over a year renovating and updating it to serve the current community.

Vallet Packing House opened its doors in 2021 to provide consumers a place to buy local meat and for cattle producers in the area an opportunity to process cattle, sheep, goats, and swine at a state-inspected facility.

Our family-owned packing house employs an experienced butcher and provides on-the-job training to all employees to ensure you receive the highest quality of meat possible.



Beef for Consumers

If you want healthy, delicious, local beef – in any quantity - purchased directly from the butcher Vallet Packing House can fill that need. A goal of ours is to further meet customer needs by including meat counters in our facility in the future.

Our beef comes from finished cattle that are located within a two-hour drive of our facility. We only purchase and process the highest quality cattle, resulting in most of our beef being choice or prime.


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Meat Market

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Processing for Producers

Whether you need to process one animal for a customer wanting quarters, halves, or wholes, or numerous animals into retail cuts to sell at farmers' markets, Vallet Packing House is here to help producers with their processing needs. We process Monday through Wednesday and are currently scheduling two to four weeks in advance.

Vallet Packing House

3035 Fm 822 | Edna, TX 77957



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